Cal Citrus Packing Co.
111 N. Mt. Vernon Drive
Lindsay, CA 93247
fax: 559-562-4477

East House
460 E. Valencia
Lindsay, CA 93247
fax: 559-562-6457

North House
425 E. Valencia
Lindsay , CA 93247


In 1976 the West House and our main office were purchased, which was formerly Waddell Packing, thus boasting the "Seabiscuit" and "Golden Boy" labels. "Portokali" and "My Goodness" labels were carefully marketed and quickly established a reputation for quality; two of our best selling and well known labels. "Sugar Test" was originally designed as a tangerine label, but was later converted to navels for exporting purposes. "Jungle Cat" is one of our oldest labels, dating back to the late 1960's and has solely been an export label. It is still strongly used for our overseas shipments and is highly admired by customers. Finally, the newest addition to Cal Citrus is our "Cara Cara" label. It was designed in 2004 for its own specialty packed variety.